Five Questions for Xavier

12:00 AM

You may recognize Xavier from the COMPto5K meetups, posting in the Facebook support group or from working out at Planet Fitness. A motivated runner and remarkable COMP success story, Xavier is a great asset to Team COMPto5K. We asked him a few questions for this week's blog post.

1. How did you get into races after weight loss surgery? 
I got into races because I wanted to complete something I hadn't done since I got out of the service. 
2. Did you ever think you would be participating in 5Ks? 
No, I never dreamed it, but I'm so glad I started doing them. 
3. What do you like about running? 
I love the freedom that I feel when I'm running. It's a great way to relax, relate, and release. It's time to clear my head.
4. What's been your biggest non-scale victory (NSV) since weight loss surgery? 
My biggest NSV was my change in careers, becoming a fitness instructor at Planet Fitness. 
5. What words of inspiration do you have for other COMP patients who have registered for their first 5K?
Words of inspiration, let's see. It's mind over matter and the mind doesn't matter. It's a military saying that simply means, you can do anything you want to achieve as long as you don't out think yourself. So many times we get it in our head that we can't do something that we physically are able to do. Get out of your own way is my second piece of advice.

With Dr. Dovec at the 2015 Fathers Day 5K.
"You can do anything you want to achieve as long as you don't outthink yourself."-Xavier Smothers-White

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