Week Seven: Training Plan

6:32 AM

Welcome to Week Seven of your 5K training! What an amazing team we have; thanks to all who came out Saturday in the freezing temperatures to complete two miles! Shout-out to Dr. Dovec for coming! Team COMP misses you!

Here is this week's training plan. Mileage goals remain the same, but increase walk/jog intervals to 4 minutes. Don't forget to sign up for the meetup on Saturday.

SUNDAY: Rest or cross-train
MONDAY: 1.5 miles
TUESDAY: 1.5 miles
WEDNESDAY: 2 miles
THURSDAY: 1.5 miles
SATURDAY: 2 miles

Training Tip: 
Focus on power walking to cover mileage goals 
OR alternate jogging for 4 minutes/fast walking for 4 minutes.

P.S.: In case you missed it: Charm City Run shared awesome tips for exercising in the winter months. Check it out here!

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