9 Crucial Tips for 5K Beginners

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Training for a 5K may seem overwhelming, especially if it's your first race, but it doesn't have to be! Follow these simple steps from Brick Bodies fitness experts and you'll be on your way to success!

  1. Purchase a good pair of shoes for your arch and stride type.
  2. Wear socks that are seam-free and manage moisture so you won’t get blisters.
  3. Incorporate dynamic stretching into your workouts such as walking lunges or "butt kicks." Doing this will increase your flexibility and help prevent injuries by strengthening your muscles and joints.
  4. Don’t stress about the distance, focus on what you’re capable of doing. Similarly, on race day, focus on finishing, not your completion time.
  5. Determine an effort and pace that is comfortable for you. If you aren’t gasping for air and you’re able to talk while running, then your pace is just right. 
  7. Proper nutrition is vital to give you the energy needed to meet your goal. Educate yourself about proper food choices, vitamins, and mineral supplements. 
  8. Some great food choices to eat while training are: plain nonfat Greek yogurt, wild salmon, quinoa, watermelon, oat bran, hummus and vegetables, eggs and bananas.
  9. Find a partner. Exercise is always more fun when you’re with a friend. Your partner should have similar goals as you so they will hold you accountable. 

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