“Maintain, Don’t Gain” in the Summer Months

10:03 AM

During the summer months, there are cookouts, holiday parties and many other events with tempting treats. how do you avoid all the unhealthy food options that are served at these types of occasions? We asked Brick Bodies Fitness Services to share their fit tips for maintaining weight loss during the summer months.

1. Plan for success. In the beginning of the week, shop for all the healthy ingredients you'll need to make your meals throughout the week.
2. Keep portions in check. Read the nutrition labels on food containers and eat the suggested serving sizes.
3. Be sure to keep up with your intake of fruits and vegetables.
4. Avoid fattening dips, like the classic ranch dip, which can carry a lot of fat. Instead, make healthier, protein-packed options like homemade hummus.
5. Consume everything in moderation. Don't rule out everything, but to keep your weight under control, try to fill up more with healthier items and keep unhealthy treats to a minimum.
6. Eat a snack before you leave the house. Doing this will keep your cravings under control and may keep you satisfied long enough so you'll make healthier decisions while out at social gatherings.
7. Don't eat when you're bored. Mindless eating, eating due to anxiety or eating so you have something to do with your hands are all ways to rack up unwanted calories.
8. Weigh in regularly. Maintaining weight can be simple if you know exactly where you stand and how much you need to lose.
9. Avoid the car. Take advantage of the warm weather and walk or bike to activities.

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